Frugal Parenting

Being a parent can be as expensive as it is rewarding. There are many ways to be frugal, and also teach the frugal lifestyle to your young one. Below are some tips to make your resources go farther. Just remember your time, encouragement, and being a good example for your children is invaluable to them. Material possessions are not as important by far.



Since children grow out of their clothes so fast, second hand clothing is often the best way to save. You will be surprised how many times consignment and thrift stores have children’s clothes brand new with the tags still on them.

Consignment Stores

  • Thrift Shops (GoodWill, Salvation Army, etc)
  • Garage Sales
  • FreeCycling – (large bags and boxes of baby’s and children’s clothing are often given away)


Care needs to be taken when obtaining second hand toys, due to the frequent recalls. Since children often lose their interest in toys quickly, second hand toys are often a good deal and like new toys can easily be found.

    • Consignment Stores – more expensive toys will often be taken to a consignment store where parents are looking to recoup some of their cost
    • Thrift Shops (GoodWill, Salvation Army, etc) – not always a large source, but a good place to look
    • Garage Sales – often one of the best sources for like new toys
    • FreeCycling – it’s easy to ask for that toy you’re looking for before purchasing it

Toys can also be rented at For a variety of safe toys delivered to your door this may be the right solution for you.

    • Toys are delivered to your doorstep for a monthly rental fee (currently $20 per month for 4 toys)
    • Toys are sanitized and meet US safety standards
    • Your child gets to try a variety of toys