Couples Time Ideas

We all like to spend time with that special someone. By being a little creative we can keep that spark in the relationship (or kindle a new one) without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas of frugal ways to spend time with that special someone.


Get Active:

Go for a walk – There are many romantic locations around most towns. Take a walk around a botanical garden, park, at the beach, a lake, state park, or even a nightly stroll around the block after dinner.

Mall walk – If the weather isn’t too great outside, enjoy a walk in the mall. People watching can also be pretty fun.

Go for a hike – If you live by the mountains or a state park, enjoy the rugged outdoors and the company.

Take a bike ride – If you don’t have a bike, ask a friend to borrow theirs or you may be able to find a reasonable rental rate.

Play basketball – Basketball hoops can easily be found in most neighborhood parks.

Go for a run – Enjoy going for a run together in a local park or neighborhood. If you’re more the competitive type, sign up for a local 5K run together. These usually support a local charity or good cause.

Go for a swim – Is there a pool, beach or lake nearby? This is a great opportunity for a little something different.

Play tennis – Many city parks offer free tennis court usage.

Go ice skating – Look out for those ice skating rink coupons.

Go bowling – Bowling coupons or specials are usually available (whenever there aren’t leagues playing). It’s best to call ahead first.

Rent (or borrow) a boat – If you live close to a river or lake that rents boats, why not give it a try. Whether you want to try a paddle boat, row boat, canoe, sail boat, or fishing boat, enjoy getting out and doing something different.

Golf or Put-put Golf – Check to see if you can find a city owned golf course, they are usually much less expensive. Or, try a game of pu-put for something out of the ordinary.

Play in the snow – Enjoy reliving your youth and you can even make a snowman together.


Enjoy Food or a Drink:

Cook dinner at home – Much more reasonable for those special occasions and less crowded on holidays like Valentines Day. Just think the bottle of wine you order in a restaurant is typically half the price at the local grocery or liquor store. The little things really add up. Make the event more special and cook together. After a nice dinner, try keeping the TV off (for once). Enjoy putting a puzzle together, playing a board game or even an video game (for those competitive types).

Go to brunch or lunch – If going out to eat is top on the list of things you want to do, brunch or lunch are more frugal options than dinner. Look for a restaurant with specials (very common for lunch) and check for coupons also. Enjoy!

Have a picnic – Enjoy the outdoors and a bite to eat too. You have the option of simple sandwiches or an elaborate spread, and since you’re preparing it yourself you can control the price.

Go out for coffee – Going out for coffee or tea instead of dinner is a great way to get out of the house and still be frugal. We don’t have to go all out for every date. Just spending time together is the main goal, and most coffee houses are quiet enough that you can actually talk.

Go out for desert – Enjoy a nice evening at home then go out for desert. You’ll have that going out experience for a fraction of the price.

Try happy hour – If you want to enjoy a drink out, try happy hour. Pay attention to the noise level if you really want to talk.


Places to see / Things to do:

Rent a movie – Enjoy movie night at home. Make some popcorn and make a special night of it. You may even be able to find a movie of your liking at the library. It never hurts to look.

Look for the cheap theatre – Most towns have a cheaper theater in town if you really want to get out for a movie. There are also matinees and movie coupons (check your Entertainment book or other local coupon book) to help out on the costs.

Minor league sporting events – The minor league or women’s leagues are much less expensive to attend and often offer a more personal experience too.

Free concerts – These can be a lot of fun. They are often sponsored by local radio stations or the city.

Art or craft shows – Many towns have art and/or craft shows these days. They can be a lot of fun on a nice day. Enjoy the local talent.

Visit a museum – Whether you may enjoy an art museum or science museum they are all around, and usually for a small fee. Check the museum web site for specials (like free after 3 pm) or free days. Coupons may also be available.

Visit the zoo – You may not have a zoo in your local town, but check to see if there is one nearby. Again, check for coupons or specials that may be available.

Visit a historical site – Most towns will have some historical sites to visit. Check out your town and those nearby. Most people tend to take their local sites for granite. Take the time and make the initiative to enjoy your local sites.

Take a class together – Local community colleges, gardens, or clubs offer classes. Find something you’ve both wanted to do, but never taken the time and try it together. Some ideas are cooking, an unusual sport (such as fencing or archery), dancing, yoga, art, gardening, etc. This are usually listed in your local newspaper. Try the local paper online for a quick and up to date listing.

Join a club – There is usually a long list of clubs in the local paper that you may never have thought of. They often have guest speakers and will welcome your visit even if you are not a member.

See a school play – High schools typically have at least one play a year. For a few bucks they can be quite entertaining.

Local college – If you live close to a college, check out what they may offer. Most colleges have fun classes for the locals, but you may also be interested in plays, musical performances, a planetarium, etc. If nothing else the grounds are often nice to walk around for a change of scenery. Many also have old buildings or historic sites that may interest you.


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