Florida Blog Conference 2013 (FLBlogCon)

FLBlogCon13 (662x800) I always try to improve my skills and learn as much as I can about the many topics that interest me. Everyone can learn something new and improve their skills. I was given a perfect opportunity to do just that yesterday. This is the third year that this blogging and social media conference (originally CFLBlogCon now called FLBlogCon) was held locally (the Central Florida area), and I’ve had the opportunity to attend the last two years. Although much of what I learned was specific to blogging and business, there were so many life lessons that could benefit everyone.

The keynote speaker was Pat Williams, the Senior Vice President of the Orlando Magic. He is an author of many best-selling books and an amazing motivational speaker. This was quite an inspirational talk and provided lessons that everyone could learn from.

Pat’s 10 Foundational Block To Make Your Dreams Come True

  1. Think the right kind of thoughts: What you think about will become reality in your life
  2. Say the right kind of words: Our words are very powerful and they will also become reality. Think before you speak!
  3. Be specific in goal setting: Set short term, mid-range and long term goals; each with deadlines. Write them down, review them frequently and revise them when needed! You need self-discipline to complete goals.
  4. You are responsible for your attitude (not world problems). You have a choice to pick a good attitude!
  5. Seek out the right kind of friends: Choose to be around positive people not negative ones. Your friends (and partner) should make you a better person and you should make them better people too.
  6. Take your hurts, pains, setbacks and disappointment and turn them into strengths. Don’t waste these bad times, they are our best time for learning.
  7. Go the second mile: Do twice what is expected of you in every situation. Don’t expect things to just be given to you, be willing to work hard for what you want to accomplish.
  8. Never Give Up! There are many successful people who initially failed many times. By never giving up they became great successes, like Walt Disney.
  9. Character Counts: Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility and Courage are character traits that count. We only achieve what our character allows us to!
  10. Live your life by the faith phenomenon!

Practice them every day and your dreams will become reality!

There were four different tracks of sessions offered, so there was something that would appeal to everyone’s experience level and interests. I chose to attend the Business of Blogging Track which included five sessions:

I have a long list of items to add to my To Do List after these sessions. I learned a lot and my eyes were opened to new aspects of blogging. I’ll be able to implement some of these new goals in the near future and others will be long term goals. I want to make this blog better for you, the Frugal Patti readers, while I continue to improve daily

We can all improve our skills and be better and whatever we are doing! There are always learning experience we and be a part of and most of all others that we can be inspired by. I strive to always move in a forward direction and keep improving in any way I can…

What are you doing to improve you skills and learn new ones?

There were many sponsors that I would also like to thank that made this conference even more special. Bahama Breeze provided and an amazing lunch (and free t-shirts), Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen for keeping my caffeinated, Florida Dairy Farmers for snacks throughout the day and Motherlove Massage for a relaxing massage over my lunch break (Pam you are amazing!)


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  1. You have to directly practice skills like making conversation. While you’re around people, you also can’t help but take in what everyone is else doing and incorporate some of the ideas you pick up into yourself. This goes for learning positive new things to do, but also what to avoid. It’s good to be open to learning from anyone. Sometimes you may not be crazy about a person on the whole, but you could still pick up some good isolated skills from them.

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