Frugal Gardening

Victoria Gardens at Epcot

A home garden is one of the oldest and most cost effective way to save on the grocery budget. Even one prolific tomato plant will save on that grocery bill. By choosing to grow our own vegetables, fruits, nuts, or herbs in our own gardens, balconies, or in community gardens (in some cities), we can eat fresh food at the peak of flavor for minimal cost. Squash, spinach, and tomatoes often do well in containers. Learn about more plants that can thrive in alternative spaces, such as roofs, balconies, and windowsills, at ( If you don’t have the space for a garden, community gardens in your area can be found at (

Most of us can have some type of home garden. Depending on your space available, you can choose which of the following fits your needs and resources the best:

  • Container Garden
  • Row Garden
  • Raised Beds
  • Square Foot Garden
  • Hydroponic (Including an AeroGarden)


Photo Credit: Patti Winters

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