Frugal Homemaking

Being a frugal homemaker is a huge responsibility. You (and in best case with assistance) are the CEO of the family. By making wise decisions you will be able to enjoy life more fully, and enjoy a healthy, happy family life. Without our health (physical and mental) we are not able to be as happy and balanced as we can be. By creatively cutting back in small ways that don’t matter as much (or may not even be missed at all) to your family and spending family resources (both time and finances) in those ways that matter the most so no one is left feelings deprived.

There are no two people who will want to make reductions and use resources in the same ways. We all have different priorities in our lives and need to know what is really important (identify our priorities) to us before we can make wise decisions for ourselves and our families. One person may have their highest spending priority as a rather expensive hobby, travel, or opening a business; and in order to do this need to make cuts in places others would not be willing to. I have friends that enjoy luxurious cruises a few times a year, but they are more than willing to make cuts on dining out (sharing an appetizer and a meal) and carefully shop for things they need (by looking for deals and often purchasing remanufactured items). They have found a mix that allows them to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. By making day-to-day household reductions, you will be able to enjoy the larger expenditures that your family desires (vacations, furniture, entertainment, etc.).

  • Save Energy – As the price of energy rises, we need to make reductions in our energy usage just to keep our same bill amount. There are many small and easy ways to use less. Some of them will cost nothing and others will be good investments for the future.
  • Reduce Clutter – Reducing clutter in your home will help in many ways. You will be able to find what you need, so repurchasing items you already have is not necessary. Purchasing additional storage is also not needed. There are many options for ridding your home from unneeded items by reselling and giving to charity. Either way, you will be both helping out yourself and others.
  • Frugal & Natural Cleaning – High priced cleaning supplies are some of the highest priced items we purchase on a regular basis. Many of these products can be made with inexpensive ingredients to both help out your grocery bill and reduce toxic chemicals in your home and environment.
  • Frugal Cooking – By doing small things differently when grocery shopping and preparing food, you will be able to greatly benefit your bottom line.
  • Working Together – Just a few generations ago, communities worked together and everyone benefited. By building a network of friends, you will be able to trade / barter chores and obtain the benefits our great-grandparents took for granite.


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