Frugal Shopping

Coupon sites – great way to save money on a regular basis, but only if it’s something you need.

Shop sales and shop for deals – Plan your purchases so you can keep an eye out for sales. We are often limited when we have to buy something at the spur of the moment.

Rebates – don’t miss these, but remember to send them in on time – the companies bank on the fact that such a high percentage of people never send in their rebates.

Gift Certificates – Many of us get gift certificates for gifts. This is a great way to have the receiver choose just what they want, while also saving on shipping costs across the country. Again to the company it is money in the bank if you don’t use them in time or at all.

Online outlet and clearance sites:

Clothes & Accessories

  • Eddie Bauer
  • LL Bean
  • Roadrunner Sports


  • Amazon
  • U Bid

Personal Care


Online discount codes – There are many sites on the internet that provide current discount codes that can be used online for great savings. It’s always a good idea to look at a few of these sites before making an online purchase.


Product Review Sites – Sites that offer product reviews will assist in the best purchasing choices. These reviews often provide the extra added information that only someone who has already used the item can offer. Most reviews are straight forward and truthful. Also pay attention to the number of reviewers with the same opinion. If only one person reviewed the item (either good or bad), they may have experienced a unique situation.


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