Reduce Clutter

Reducing clutter in your home will help you in many ways. First, you’ll be able to find what you need and more easily keep everything organized, so repurchasing items you already have is not necessary. If you even have to repurchase a $1 item that you already have, it is a wasted $1. Second, purchasing additional storage will not be needed. Many people spend quite a bit in extra storage bins, rent on storage units, or even buying a larger house just to store all their extra stuff. Storage bins are a great way to organize your items so you will know where everything is at any given time. On the other hand, why waste even $10 on a plastic bin that is not needed? I also have friends and family members that have a monthly rental fee to maintain a storage unit, when many of their items should really be disposed of in some way. Then there are those that believe that they need to move up to larger homes every few years. In recent years, many have gotten into financial ruin by upgrading to more house then they can afford. And lastly, without the clutter in your home, your mind is freed from clutter also. You will be able to enjoy life with a clear mind now that you will have an organized home and where you know exactly where everything is. You will no longer waste you precious time searching for things you need when you need them.

There are a wide range of wise options to dispose of your clutter. If you have the time, this could be a way to make a little extra cash. Otherwise, think of offering something to a friend or family member that may be able to use the item, offer to others in your community through, or give to a charity. Whether you resell your unneeded items, or give them away, you will be helping yourself and others greatly. As they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Freecycling is a little known of but great way to share items with those in your area. Initially, you will go to and sign up for the mail lists that are in your area. This system has all been set up through Yahoo Groups and is completely free of charge. You will then be able to email those in your area offering items that you no longer need, those interested in them will email you, and you can make arrangements for them to pick up the items. You can also request an item that you are interested in, like a certain kind of crafting supply or items of a special theme for a children’s birthday party. If someone has an extra, they will email you. All items are free, just for good correspondence and picking up the item(s). This is a great resource for sharing unwanted items with others in your community. I have seen all types of items offered in my area, from coupons to a piano, all free if you will just pick them up. Baby and children’s items are frequently offered since they are often only used for a short period of time. This is also a good way to get rid of leftovers from garage sales.


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