Resale Ideas

Garage Sales:

Garage sales are a good option when you have many items to get rid of at one time and have a free weekend. This is also a good way to sell larger items, such as furniture or exercise equipment without having to transport them to a consignment store (for those of us that don’t have a pick-up). Keep in mind that people are more likely to stop at a larger sale than a smaller one, so you may want to ask you neighbors if they are interested in participating in your sale.

I’ve included this step-by-step Garage Sale Guide to assist you in organizing your garage sale. This guide outlines all the tasks that need to be completed beforehand to set up your successful sale.

Online Resale Options:

  • eBay – eBay, the best known online auction site, is a good resale option for collectables, designer clothes, musical instruments, and anything that can be easily described and photographed. Your items will be especially easy to list if they have a recognizable brand name. It is a good idea to do a search for your item to see how much competition you have and what price the item is selling for. eBay charges an insertion fee, depending on the initial listing price of your item (whether your item sells or not) and a final value fee which is a percentage of the final selling price when your item sells.
  • – is a good option for books (including textbooks), music, movies, and games. Unlike an auction site you set the price you are asking for the item. It is suggested that the price be half of the list price (thus the site name), but you can set it up or down from there and change the price at any time, if it isn’t selling. charges a commission fee only when an item sells (a percentage depending on the final selling price).
  • Craig’s List – Craig’s List allows you to post online classified ads for those in your area. First you will select the metropolitan area closest to you, then select post to classifieds on the left side of the page.

Consignment Shops:

There are numerous consignment shops in most towns. Most shops will have a specialty or focus group they want to sell to. For instance, there are consignment stores for women’s clothes, designer clothes, children’s clothes, furniture, sporting goods etc. Most are locally owned, but Play It Again Sports, a consignment store specializing in sporting good items, is a franchise that is located in most areas.


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