DIY: How To Give Yourself The Perfect Natural Nail Manicure

DIY: Natural Nail Manicure

Like most women I’ve always wanted long nails that I could be proud of. Although I’m quite the active type, I still think that nicely polished nails give me the feminine touch I enjoy. Each time my nails grow long enough, one will end up breaking and ruin my whole look. I don’t think I’m alone! My friends fit into two categories those that pay for a professional to apply artificial nails or a gel manicure; and those that have tried everything and given up (the category I have been in for quite a few years now). Thanks to Julia of, I have finally found a process and the products that give me the look I’ve always been after, great looking natural nails done at home!

This first video will show you how to perform your home manicure. Julia takes you through the process of properly preparing your nails; then applying a base coat, color and a top coat.

Products you will need:



The second video will show you how to repair a nail with a tea bag. With this repair technique you don’t have to lose the look you’re after, even if a break does occur.



I hope these tips and techniques will bring you the perfect natural manicure you’re looking for. If you have further tips you would like to share, please leave a comment.


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Should You Repair or Replace Your Broken Appliance?

Whirlpool Washer Our society has moved through the years from repairing something when it broke, to replacing the item without even attempting to repair it. In the past when an electric cord was frayed, the cord was repaired; often today the appliance will be in the land fill before the cord has time to wear out. We’ve all heard from a repairman that an appliance will cost more to repair than to replace, at one time or another. This may be the case and it may not. We have so many internet resources available to us, that we can at least do a little research before blindly trusting someone else’s opinion.

This situation really hit home when my family was put in the repair or replace dilemma. The other day I noticed that my washing machine wasn’t washing as it once did. The agitator was barely moving around, and I knew this wasn’t a good thing. I have been in such a habit of putting the clothes and detergent in and just closing the lid, so usually don’t even look at the clothes washing. I hope this hasn’t been going on for long. I pointed out the new finding to my husband who of course wasn’t happy, but soon looked up the issue on YouTube. He found out there were some broken pieces in the agitator, it was easy and quick to fix, and the best news yet, the new pieced were available through Amazon for a little over $3 with free shipping. Within a few days the small plastic parts arrived and with 15 minutes of repair time, the washer was back to agitating like new. SUCCESS!

I know that part of the problem is that the products we purchase and consume aren’t made with the quality that they once were. We often will buy something just looking at the price and don’t think of quality or how long the product will last. There are many times when we are able to save money in the long run by spending a little more to purchase for quality initially. On the other hand, the high quality items that were once made to last, may no longer even be manufactured and some products are even now designed to be disposable.

Not everything can or even should be repaired. There are times when it’s not cost effective to repair the item. Maybe the labor costs are too high and it’s not an item that you or a family member can manage. There are other times when the repair may be close to the cost of a replacement and the benefit of a warrantee with the new item will outweigh the extra cost.

It’s always good to consider all your options, educate yourself with available resources (internet search, YouTube search and the manufacturer’s website are all good places to start) and made a wise decision that works for you and your family. You never know. You just may be able to find that perfect $3, 15 minute fix to your problem too.


Photo Credit: Whirlpool