Duggar Family: An Inspiration in Frugal Living

Duggar Family While watching the Dr. Oz Show last week, I saw a very interesting interview with the Duggar family. If you’re not familiar with them from their reality show, they are a large family with 19 children. Unlike most of the large families we are familiar with from the news, this is a family grown the old fashioned way (not a large number of multiple births). What really impressed me was how well mannered, respectful and well-spoken the children were (especially the older ones). The family has very strong beliefs, with a focus on God, family and frugal living.

The Duggar family is such a great example of frugal living while still living well. The family was not only well dressed and didn’t seem to be lacking in any way; but discussed how they made a commitment to living debt free. They make many things themselves that most of us take for granted. One of the children showed how she made homemade laundry soap, while another showed how he made homemade pickles. You can find the Duggar family frugal recipes at The Duggar’s Family Recipes .

The Duggar family homeschool their children. They eat well. They clothe the family well by shopping at consignment stores. They keep the family organized through an application called Cozi Family Organizer (available free for iPhone, android and a web version at Cozi.com). The parents keep their relationship strong by keeping a weekly date night, where they focus on strong communication. I love this example of frugal living. They focus on what is important in life, God and family; and live well and debt free through living frugally.


photo credit: Spiff_27 via photopin cc