Grocery Shopping Online: Enjoy the Convenience and Savings

Shopping Basket Do you have special dietary needs? Is it hard to find the grocery staples you need locally? Or maybe you just want to find a cheaper price for those items you use frequently? Finding those items online and at a better price may just be the answer for you!


Gluten Free Groceries:

My mother is on a gluten free diet and lives in a small town. She has to drive a bit of a distance to a health food store that has her favorites, and at times they are out of what she’s looking for. Although gluten free items are becoming more popular and readily available, her local stores don’t always have what she needs or the brands that she prefers. I was able to find many of her favorite gluten free items at Not only were most of these items lower in price, it was also convenient for her since she doesn’t have to go out (delivered to her door for free with a $25 minimum purchase).


Organic and Gourmet Groceries:

My husband and I have had similar experiences trying to find our organic and specialty/gourmet favorites. Our local grocery store frequently decides to no longer carry the items we grow to enjoy and eat on a frequent basis. Even less convenient is when we drive to our closest Whole Foods, just to find that they are out of what we traveled for or no longer carry that item. Many of these items can be found on also.

The only down side I’ve found to buying groceries from is that items are usually sold in lots of 3 to 6 packages. In other words, I wasn’t able to buy just one jar of organic almond butter; I had to buy 3 jars. It’s kind of like shopping in one of the big box stores. Make sure they are items that you will be able to use in that amount or go in with a friend if you need to. It’s always a waste of money to buy things you won’t be able to use, no matter how cheap the price.


Household Items:

This convenience doesn’t stop with groceries. Many of the household staples that we used to buy at Target, are now hard to find. The large garbage bags my husband likes are no longer stocked at Target and they’ve also limited their selection of Seventh Generation cleaning products that we frequently use. We started buying many of these products through, and have enjoyed both convenience and price savings. offers a wide variety of household products (including green and organic items), great deals and free shipping with a $49 purchase. Once you register with the site, you’ll receive emails containing their specials, which is also convenient.

Saving time and money is always a good thing. If you can’t find what you need locally, or just want to price check those items that you spend the most on, online is an option.


Shopping Resources:

My husband and I use these resources on a regular basis. I hope you enjoy the convenience and money savings that we do.


Note: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning that I will receive a commission if you make a purchase through that link. I have only mentioned sites that I believe in and use, whether I have an affiliate relationship with them or not.


Photo Credit: Maciek PELC via stock.xchng