Walkers and Runners: Earn Money with Walgreens Steps with Balance Rewards Program

28781_Hero_320x408b Are you a walker or runner? Do you want to earn some extra cash by doing what you do already? Maybe you need a little motivation to start a healthy habit or increase your mileage. The Walgreens Steps with Balance Rewards program may be just the incentive you need.

Walgreens Balance Rewards Program now allows you to earn reward points for healthy activities; such as for the miles you walk or run, logging your weight and other activities. These points (along with those you can also earn for purchases in store and online) can then be turned in for discounts on Walgreens purchases.

Under this program each day you log your weight, you will earn 20 points. You will also earn 20 points for each mile you walk or run. If you track your daily steps on a pedometer, the program will also convert your steps to miles for you. 20 points may not sound like much, but they do add up. Once you reach 5,000 points you will earn a $5 discount. See the complete reward structure below:


Points earned Reward
5,000 $5
10,000 $10
18,000 $20
30,000 $35
40,000 $50


To start the program, sign up for Walgreens Balance Rewards Program and select Join Now. Once you start logging your activities, you’ll see how quickly the points will add up; and be able to view past activities for encouragement and as free motivational tool!


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